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On my sixteenth birthday, my parents gifted me my first guitar, an acoustic Takamine. I decided that day that I would become a self-taught musician. By emulating and playing along with songs that I listened to (my rather eclectic musical background included anything from classic rock to rap, and even electronic), I was able to perfect my musical ear and hone my skills on guitar. I learned to compose by creating simple loops on my father’s Boss RC-30 looper.

Some years later, I discovered that using digital audio workstations (DAWs), such as Ableton Live, carried unlimited potential and could launch me to a new level in the music world—production. With this kind of software and my year of experience at school, I am now able to work with and manipulate many different synthesizers and sequencers. I have created and continue to create rap beats, electronic instrumentals, songs using rock, soul, and world music samples, and all kinds of experimental music.

I enjoy creating solo, but I also find great value in working with other artists. Using the SoundCloud player above, you can listen to a rap EP that was a collaborative project between me and an artist from New York. I produced, mixed, and mastered each song, while the artist wrote lyrics and performed. We recorded all seven songs together in the studios at my school.

I also work with companies like ABEM Digital Creations who book me to create jingles or short instrumentals for videos. Copyright laws are harsh, and I seek to solve that problem for people or organizations who wish to use original music in their visual media.

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